This is actually almost a homework assignment for myself and let me explain why:  my current levels of self esteem are at an all time low.  I spent the last 7 months intentionally isolating myself from my peers for a very simple reason:  they don’t support my lifestyle (i.e. the running/positive attitude/setting goals and accomplishing them lifestyle) and are easily threatened/intimidated.  Rather than step up and try to get to know me and figure out why I do these things it was easier to tear me down behind my back (and besides that they’re pretty fucking ugly negative people to begin with) so I had to seek similar people out which meant not associating with some of my teammates and that went over swimmingly.  I’m not one to rock the boat (which it kind of did) but I’m definitely not going to change for a bunch of people who have their heads jammed up their ass.

So Favorite Thing About Myself #1)  the ability to be resilient and be loyal to my values without becoming a lemming like so many people are.

#2) The ability to support people who seek positive goals in their life and support them in their efforts to progress and improve themselves and others around them.

#3) Not joining in with the generally inaccurate and hateful attitudes of those who talk around the ‘water cooler’ about others and valuing my ignorance higher than poor information

#4) Seeing a goal and planning how I will accomplish it.  Also being able to reassess my plan and adjust according to the things that alter it’s outcome.  Nothing is set in stone and although its frustrating, and often a mental hurdle, to watch carefully laid plans become untethered it’s equally valuable to be able to be as flexible as possible in order to accomplishing what you set out to do.

#5) I’ve become a better person by throwing away ‘mainstream’ opinions about topics and doing my own research.  I often arrive to a ‘similar’ conclusion about things as many other people but I more often own the things I decide than to name drop or reference an outside source for my information.  This also has a lot to do with the fact that with life comes experience and you can’t trade that for anything in a book.  So my advice is: read a book but the information in a book is always someone else’s thought so take it for what it’s worth (i.e. opinions are a like assholes yadda yadda).

I’m tagging the people that are currently winning in my tumblr stream.  You’re welcome.
  1. musingandmulling said: I understand how that scenario was probably pretty tough on you and isolating, but you should be really proud of sticking to your guns, not compromising yourself, and staying positive and above it. That speaks volumes about you!
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