Results posted from Saturdays run.  228th of 248 runners.  18,400 feet of total elevation change in 50 miles.  Biggest climb:  747 feet of gain at mile 31.   Western States gives +2 bonus points for this race as a qualifier due to it’s difficulty.  I guess that’s like pretty tough or something.
Just walked a mile for a sandwich.  #morelikelimpstrolled
Finish line photo (still about 100m ahead).  White River 50 Miler: Crystal Mountain, WA.  Time- 13:28
You know how I like me some firefighters.
3 bed ICU in a tent, just like our forefathers did.
Nothing like trying to plan drop bags for a 50-miler.
The only thing you’ll find here is death…..
There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee and a nice warm blanket in the middle of July.
Fly check.  Safety first.
My gym workouts weren’t getting me the results I wanted, so I tried one of those detox cleanses and holy cow the results are amazing!!