Mugshot Monday.  Hope all you punks enjoyed your weekend.
My dinner has a sad.
I call bullshit and I’ll tell you why:  only nurses who don’t follow ‘STANDARD PRECAUTIONS’ get infected.

Standard (or universal) precautions is a universal standard in all facilities (also taught in nursing school) and covers everything from Clostridium difficile to MRSA (as well as cancer patients who are immunocompromised and can’t fight off viruses and infections).  Basically:  gown, gloves, and mask until whatever they have is ruled out and you don’t need a doctors order to do it.

To lay a claim such as this means not only did these people NOT pay attention in school they also put their coworkers at risk by not following standard precautions.

Or another way to break it down is they’re shitbags.
After this week I’ll be needing a few of these.  Too bad it’ll only be one since I have a 16 mile run tomorrow.

Asking for a friend.

Ahhh the famous role reversal question!

I’ll just say this:  take ‘son’ out of my sentence, replace it with ‘daughter,’ and then reread.

Girls have sex just like guys do in high school, and honestly, it’s just as even keel.   I’d never raise my daughters to a different standard than my sons.  To be honest I’m just as concerned about my sons dating some crazy bitch as I would be my daughters dating an abusive asshole.

Kids have to make their own mistakes in order to learn.  Sometimes adults can actually accelerate that process.  Flipping the table is just a narrow minded reason to hold someone to a higher set of standards than another.

If I could be allowed to wax poetic for a moment:

A smart man once told me:  ‘Our job as Christians is to emulate Christ.  He would let any of His children come home to Him and he would still love them no matter what they did.  The only thing they have to do is ask Him to come home.  As a parent I would let any of my children come home because I love them, no matter what they do or believe.’

He’s probably one of the smartest religious guys I’ve ever met.
If I were a responsible adult I’d be very angry about the blatant disregard for certain people that threaten the sanctity of a child’s education.


Edit: “The allegations reportedly arose after educators heard the victim had been bragging about the encounter to fellow students.”

So IF a future son if mine was was having sex with his 16 year old gf (yes I’m slightly liberal in that sense - I realize that not everyone has sex in their teens but many do) how would I scold him for trying to get with his hot teacher(s) without cracking a smile during the conversation/punishment?

Unless he was forcibly raped I honestly don’t know how I would approach this if it was consensual (other than telling him to stay out of bars until he’s 21).

Many people want the US to go intervene with the whole Ebola mess in Africa because ‘nobody has better command and control measures than the US.’

Meanwhile: We fly one guy with the active virus to Atlanta, and now another guy to Kansas. Reminder: there’s no cure for this. The guy in Atlanta was readmitted for new symptoms this week.

Great job isolating the two contaminated people in the US guys. I only do crazy stupid shit in the medical arena all over the world for a living, why would you listen to me?

But then again, why am I saying anything? I only work here.

I’m going to have to find a new place to live now.  Somewhere there’s a nest of a million eggs
Babysitting is hard

Holy shit I didn’t kill anyone.

Integration is hard. I’m stuck in ‘30 day evaluation’ mode for 3 more weeks watching people fuck up and putting my hands in my pockets.

I want to burn it all down.

Trade you.

On the other hand: I’ve ‘re’-established a few things I learned from my mentors (and appreciated) as a young FNG that hasn’t been practiced in years (literally). It’s brought a sense of direction to my minions and they seem to be happier than when I arrived.

Sometimes the old school is the new school.

Today we learned about drugs.