Thanks!  I had a small hiccup during the swim.  Until they posted the results today I was having a real case of mental anguish about how well I did.  Physically I was pretty ok.  I was a little sore but nothing like the 50 miler last month.
Official results for Saturday’s Oly Tri:  Gun time:  2:42:38 - 3rd place in age group, 16th overall.  2nd was 2 minutes ahead, 1st place 10 minutes.  Not bad for my first official triathlon.
Punishment (verb): giving your kids life skills they’ll remember as adults.

Well… most of you anyway.

Work is taking up more of my time. As I work my out of the depths into middle-miniondom I find I have less and less time for things. Priorities.

Race season is almost over. I might have one race left (if i register). I’m coaching a group of people for a marathon in November - for some it will be their very first. It’s a group training event which means everyone trains and supports each other for the reward at the end. This inconveniences a few and they want to just show me that they completed the training (with their fancy running apps) so now I have to be an asshole and enforce the group concept. People.

I interviewed for a new job (i.e. ‘promotion’) a couple weeks ago. Just waiting to hear results. It sounds like I have the job but I want to hear it from the horses mouth.

That leaves me scrambling to get all of my ducks in a row before I vacate (read: burn down) my current gig. So I’ve been polishing my projects to ensure whoever gets the privilege of following me doesn’t inherit a pile of shit.

Then there’s everything that comes along with life and making sure I get all of the Netflix watched and couch sitting accomplished. You know… the really important stuff.

Hope all you fine people are kicking tires and lighting fires.

Oly Tri: 2:40’22.  You know all those book triathletes write about how the swim is so transcendent because of the fishes and the silence of the water?  It’s all good and fine until you have to swim through goose shit and algae.
Only one race left in the season (that I can catch) and then a late November marathon.  Almost time for a break!
The most important part of a workout:  knowing how many beers you work off.
After: 100 feet of fence.
Results posted from Saturdays run.  228th of 248 runners.  18,400 feet of total elevation change in 50 miles.  Biggest climb:  747 feet of gain at mile 31.   Western States gives +2 bonus points for this race as a qualifier due to it’s difficulty.  I guess that’s like pretty tough or something.
Just walked a mile for a sandwich.  #morelikelimpstrolled
Finish line photo (still about 100m ahead).  White River 50 Miler: Crystal Mountain, WA.  Time- 13:28