So this illustrates how a subject, which more closely illustrates theft and a mangled hand, (both of which could have been prevented) is now so far in left field that we’re not even in the ball park anymore.

I get that bad things happen to people.  I’m not here too minimize, stereotype, or be insensitive to those who, literally, have been raped.

But to even slightly suggest that a simple hacking and theft resembles rape IS minimizing, stereotyping, and being insensitive to those who, literally, have been raped (taking rape and comparing it to theft is minimizing the fucking hell out of it).

I’m one person (of many) who literally have every right to blame my parents for their drugs, alcohol, violence, and angry bullshit for ‘why I am the way I am.’

I could, in an instant, call every single person on this forum a will-less insignificant pussy because they don’t train for ultra marathons, triathlons, and CHOOSE to be an elitist asshole.

I could also blame everyone for not defending their country but instead lump them all into the same group of whiny assholes who complain about everything and do nothing to solve it.

OK: so maybe I’ve actually griped once or twice about some of the above.

But: never in a million years would I stoop to a level that would character assassinate others with an indefensible tactic such as rape.

Basically:  shame on you.

If the only way you can debate a topic is to compare it to rape, child molestation, abuse, domestic violence, etc. then maybe you need to move to a remote island and do some soul searching away from people.

Victim blaming is one thing.

Turning the subject into something it’s not is grounds for nobody taking anything you say seriously.  Ever.
I totally get that.  Which is why I use analogies in my arguments that direct the thought process to a more structured approach than debating the actual subject and then try to incorporate both.

For example:  she uploaded her pictures to an unsecured, unencrypted, and free online storage device which plainly warns you about putting sensitive data there (there’s even been litigation in the past about who actually owns the data).  The online storage solution was hacked and the data stolen.

Comparatively: I buy a wood chipper and, like a typical guy, use it without reading the manual.  I lose a hand because I put material in the chipper that makes it unsafe to use (the tree limbs were too large).  There are stickers all over the device that warn me to read the manual before operating it and I assume all risks by doing so.

While empathy can be used in both situations I can say that the wood chipper manufacturer was to blame much as she can blame the hacker for stealing her photos.

How the wood chipper raped me I still don’t understand.
Labor Day aka: Post Hangover Recovery Day.

Also also: Dirty Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte

Also Also Also: throwing out all hope of losing any weight for the rest of the year now that the fall flavors are out.

So just had a Facebook ‘conversation’ with someone who compared Jennifer Lawrence’s stolen ‘iCloud nude photos’ to rape.

So my day is going well.

edit: also: killing Facebook with fire

There’s absolutely no way this could be bad for me.
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I have arrived
Voodoo Donuts are supposed to be the tits of all donuts everywhere.  Hence the line.  And the name.

This has been on my ‘to do’ list for a while.
These better be good fucking donuts (at Voodoo Doughnut)
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