Tonight’s dinner: 

Mushroom and Onion Seitan with Barley

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

And an apple/pecan/endive salad

Tonight’s dinner :)
Size 3 jeans.  Size 12 waist.
It’s the first time I’ve hand washed it since I bought it.  It’s been auto car washes before today.  also:  fat thumbs
Hand washed for the very first time.

iamserenebabe asked: People who are into fitness typically freak me out. Have you always been into it? How has your relationship with it evolved over time? What are your honest feelings about people who don't take care of their bodies when it comes to physical activity? Do you find it the same or different making connections with people who are super-active compared to those of us who are more sedentary? If you hold no negative judgments, what knowledge or experience would you like to share with inactive people?

Honestly?  No.  I’m a total newb when it comes to a lot of this stuff.  I’ve literally figured this stuff out as I’ve done it.  A friend of mine badgered me into it by having me train for the Army 10 Miler when I was in Baghdad in 2006.  I ran off and on (not for another event) until 2011 when I trained for my first marathon.  I’ve ran a total of 6 long distance events since (when I can squeeze the training into my work schedule).  I’m in the middle of training for my first triathlon at the moment.  Maybe I’ll do an Ironman if life allows (it’s on the to-do list).

I really don’t care one way or the other about how people live their lives as long as it doesn’t effect me directly.  I will always support those who decide to take a path towards fitness as the discipline it requires bleeds into every part of your life (this isn’t saying people who don’t exercise aren’t disciplined - but it definitely adds a certain tenacity and ambition to one’s character).

Connection-wise it doesn’t matter as we all come from different walks of life.  I have found that people are easily intimidated by what I choose to do in my off time and have certainly been called out as an attention seeker by those who take offense to my lifestyle.  Having suffered through that alone is certainly enough reason for me to just keep my ambitions to myself when it comes to my personal fitness goals.  Add to that my list of injuries and what I’ve recovered from and it certainly just muddies the waters further.  “Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom. -Francis Bacon”

As for making connections with super-active people…. This is a lot like religion and politics.  Even inside the world of the competitive athlete exist cliques (and I’m just in it for the fun and accomplishment - I do the best I can but I’m not going to wind up on the cover of Men’s Health anytime soon).  The marathon community is perhaps the worst as everyone is clammering about times and how they train.  The ultra community is super accepting.  I’ll give you an update on the triathlon community once I get to know it better.  But from the people I’ve met so far… we tend to have one really strong area (like the bike or the run) and one or two that we really struggle with (I REALLY suck at swimming).  There’s a lot of understanding about overcoming weaknesses in this part of the community.  It’s the challenge and sense of accomplishment that really pay off and the thought of ‘Hey, I really think I can do better at this’ when you complete an event.  That’s what keeps sucking you back in.

As far as advice for ‘inactive people’…. I have to look up motivational stuff to listen to from time to time (more frequently as of late).  I look them up on YouTube and play them in my truck on my way to work, or more recently, on my way to the gym to swim at 5 in the morning.  Every single thing I hear (and even my own experience) keeps echoing that you can’t be afraid to fail… and trust me when I say that I’ve had plenty of bad training experiences (even bad life experiences)… but without those ‘bad experiences’ I wouldn’t know how to begin or what to avoid.  You just keep going with the hope to improve by doing the same thing over and over and over again.  The marathon I just ran in October was my best time yet - 4:12.  I’m still trying to run a marathon in under 4 hours (I’m not built like your ‘typical’ runner - genetics is against me).  I ran it less than a year after major back surgery and trained for 6 months on a treadmill because I wasn’t allowed to run outside (I was in Afghanistan and the policy was no running alone - there was no one else who was willing to train for a marathon so I was forced to train on a treadmill).  So many people say you can’t train for a run solely by using a treadmill.  Even more people told me that I couldn’t run again because of my back (except for my orthopedic surgeon who literally told me ‘go run marathons’ the day after surgery).  I’m here to tell you that all those people are wrong.  Sometimes you have to decide who to listen to and who not to listen to, even if it means not listening to those closest to you, as they can be your best friends but also your worst supporters.






Did a bunch of dogs breakup a fight between two cats? Am I seeing this right??

Having none of that shit today.

“Ay man, y’all chill the fuck out. Y’all fucking up the party.”


Y’all calm the fuck down! You are supposed to be best friends! For fuck sake!

our dog breaks up cat fights all the time.  it’s kinda funny.
I wonder if they make those for toilet seats…
DesertNurse turned 4 today!

Throwingback coffee Thursday.


Babies are strapped into airplane seats enroute to LAX during “Operation Babylift” with airlifted orphans from Vietnam to the US. April 12, 1975.

( I had no idea this was a thing! After all my mom feels subsided though, my brain went straight for the joke: All these babies and ONE guy trying to nap in business class. -vp)

I have had it with these motherfucking babies on this motherfucking plane!
I should put this on the wall at work

o Coconut water tastes long bong water but without the bloating that you get from Gatorade. The more you know.

o Went out for a 40 mile bike ride today. Made it 16. Broke a pedal. Waiting for a ride home.

o I’m sitting at a gas station in a triathlon suit on the sidewalk.

o Some guy has already tried to sell me his headphones (gag).

o Off to the bike store once I make it home

o I wonder how far I can make it with one pedal?

Who here identifies with Cheryl (from Archer)?